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v/ Jan Ringsmose
Fuglsangsgade 4
9550 Mariager
DK - Denmark

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Dahl Jensen figurines, porcelain -> Dahl Jensen bird figurines
DJ Copenhagen Birds

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item no: 
120991 Dahl Jensen figurine
1021 Brahmaputra Hen (DJ) 16 cm
item no: 
57747 Dahl Jensen figurine 1029 Duckling (DJ) 8 cm
item no: 
64608 Dahl Jensen figurine
1031 Wren (DJ) 6.5 cm
item no: 
64609 Dahl Jensen figurine 1032 Duckling Screaming (DJ) 11,5 cm
item no: 
64610 Dahl Jensen figurine 1048 Bluetit Bird (DJ) 8.5 cm
item no: 
54206 Dahl Jensen 1049 Kingfisher
item no: 
64611 Dahl Jensen figurine 1050 Crested Tit (DJ) 24 cm
item no: 
99601 Dahl Jensen figurine
1051 Cockatoo (DJ) 24 cm
item no: 
56254 Dahl Jensen figurine 1053 African Rock hen (DJ) 12 cm
item no: 
54207 Dahl-Jensen 1054 Duckling on a plinth 12,7 cm
item no: 
120999 Dahl Jensen figurine
1073 Penguin (August Svejstrup Madsen)  21.5 cm
item no: 
64612 Dahl Jensen figurine 1104 Horned owl/Eagle Owl (DJ) 36 cm
item no: 
120731 Dahl Jensen figurine
1230 Sparrow (DJ) 9.5 cm
item no: 
120993 Dahl Jensen figurine
1232 Goldfinch (DJ) 10 cm
item no: 
91782 Dahl Jensen figurine
1239 Kinglet (DJ) 6.8 cm
item no: 
104108 Dahl Jensen figurine
1241 Brambling (DJ) 10 cm
item no: 
64615 Dahl Jensen figurine 1243 Waxwing (DJ) 14 cm
item no: 
116348 Dahl Jensen figurine
1250 American Kinglet bird (DJ) 9.5 cm
item no: 
64619 Dahl Jensen figurine 1280 Robin (DJ) 10.5 cm
item no: 
79465 Dahl Jensen figurine 1290 Osprey with fish (LJ) 20.5 cm
item no: 
54519 Dahl Jensen 1308 Blue parakeet Budgerigar (DJ) 11 cms
item no: 
64620 Dahl Jensen figurine 1314 Cuckoo (DJ) 17 cm
item no: 
121098 Dahl Jensen figurine
1319 Tern (DJ) 15 cm
item no: 
121096 Dahl Jensen figurine
1320 Parula Warbler (DJ) 9.2 cm
item no: 
121101 Dahl Jensen figurine
1321 House Martin bird (DJ) 12 cm
item no: 
64621 Dahl Jensen figurine 1348 Flycatcher (DJ) 9 cm
item no: 
54529 Dahl Jensen Bird on a nest 1349
item no: 
121107 Dahl Jensen figurine
1355 Rose breasted crossbill (DJ)13 cm
item no: 
121102 Dahl Jensen figurine
1356 Crossbill (DJ) 10.5 cm
item no: 
74720 Dahl Jensen figurine 1357 Jaybird  (DJ) 20 cm
item no: 
64622 Dahl Jensen figurine 1363 Geese (DJ) 12 cm
item no: 
121106 Dahl Jensen figurine
1389 Perched Owl (Helge Dorlit) 17 cm
item no: 
121112 Dahl Jensen figurine
1390 Snowy Owl (Helge Dorlit) 43 cm Factory 2nd Roughness on tail Please make an offer