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Stoneware Art Pottery Danish etc. -> B&G Stoneware Art Pottery Design
Vases, Reliefs,jars, trays and design from Bing and Grondahl

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item no: 
216564 B&G Art Pottery B&G 139 Blue glazed cup 6 cm Catinka Olsen
item no: 
215192 B&G Art Pottery B&G 140 Stoneware jar with relief 11,5 cm Signed CO Cathinka Olsen
item no: 
70214 B&G Art Pottery B&G 325 Stoneware tray with lid 21.5 cm
item no: 
55265 B&G Crackled Bowl with wooden lid mounted with silver knob
item no: 
216565 Bing & Groendahl
B&G Art Pottery B&G 401 Stoneware vase 10 cm Lotte Lindahl ?
item no: 
78058 B&G Porcelain
B&G 1082-529 Clasic form - pitcher with handle - green crackle with gold 18 cm
item no: 
59714 B&G Vase 722 Valdemar Pedersen 13 cm B&G Art Pottery
item no: 
139198 B&G Art Pottery B&G 751 Celedon Green Glazed Bowl with birds in relief 7 x 18,5 cm Carl Pedersen
item no: 
55266 B&G Art Flower pot by Lisbeth Munch Petersen
item no: 
87320 B&G Art Pottery Signed Knud Kyhn Bowl 1933 Deer in flight
13 x 29
item no: 
216614 B&G Art Pottery B&G 1742 Triangular tray 28 cm Cathinka Olsen Signed CO Unique
item no: 
215196 B&G Art Pottery B&G Unique Small pitcher 10 cm Special Green Glaze Signed Achton Johannes Achton Friis (1871-1939)
item no: 
175491 B&G Art Pottery Valdemar Petersen Trays
item no: 
230466 Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery
B&G 5805 6-sided blue glazed bowl Lisa Enquist 5.5 x 13.5 cm
item no: 
152178 Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery
B&G 5805 6-sided blue glazed bowl Lisa Enquist 5.5 x 13.5 cm
item no: 
210343 B&G Art Pottery B&G 5814 6-sided Blue Box Lisa Enquist 12 x 12 cm
item no: 
211128 B&G Art Pottery B&G 5819 Blue Vase Lisa Engqvist 23 cm
item no: 
193412 B&G Art Pottery B&G 5818 Geometrisk Vase Lisa Engqvist 20 cm
item no: 
64469 B&G Art Pottery B&G 5819 Vase Lisa Engqvist 23 cm
item no: 
230940 B&G Art Pottery B&G 7101 January relief 23.5 cm, Karl Otto Johansen
item no: 
230939 B&G Art Pottery B&G 7108 August relief 23.5 cm , Karl Otto Johansen
item no: 
101176 B&G 7110 Art Pottery
B&G Relief October 24 x 22 cm K. Otto
item no: 
171145 B&G Art Pottery B&G 7223 Vase 11 cm VP Valdemar Pedersen
item no: 
216562 B&G Art Pottery
B&G Egg shaped box 12 cm sung glased signed in mono for Lisa Enquist
item no: 
216675 B&G Porcelain B&G Large oval floor vase 30 x 20 cm by Bodil Manz no markings
item no: 
150758 B&G Art Pottery
B&G Stoneware relief: Man with horses 19 x 46 cm K. Otto
item no: 
135385 B&G Art Pottery B&G 217-82 Vase
16 cm Else Kamp Jensen
item no: 
83943 B&G Art Pottery B&G Jubilee relief # 279. Bringing home the sugar beets Danish Sugar Manufactory ca 32 x 59 cm K. Otto
item no: 
85429 B&G Art Pottery B&G 1597 Sculpture 46 cm Agnethe Jørgensen (Marked LO Price)
item no: 
71101 B&G Art Pottery Signed work by Tut Fog Abstract Composition
item no: 
70225 B&G Art Pottery B&G Vase A Wolsen 34 cm