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Figurines Animals Royal Copenhagen -> Fauns Royal Copenhagen porcelain
Royal Copenhagen Fauns, Trold, Satyr, Bacchus, Man Goat Figurines

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item no: 
55622 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0433 RC Faun with lizard
item no: 
55711 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0439 Faun with Rabbit
item no: 
120391 Royal Copenhagen figurine
456 RC Faun with squirrel Chr. Thomsen 1903 23 cm
item no: 
74427 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0498 RC Faun with goat Chr. Thomsen
item no: 
74429 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0648 RC Faun with bear Chr Thomsen 16 cm
item no: 
213553 Royal Copenhagen figurine 737 RC Faun on goat Chr. Thomsen 1906 20 x 22 cm
item no: 
55713 Royal Copenhagen figurine 0752 RC Faun with Parrot 19 cm
item no: 
54375 Royal Copenhagen 858 faun on turtle Christian Thomsen
item no: 
54377 Royal Copenhagen 976 Faun backwards on bear
item no: 
84518 Royal Copenhagen figurine 1061 RC Faun crying KK 1909 11 x 9 cm
item no: 
156269 Aluminia Copenhagen Faience
1091-905 RC Faince Faun on lidded Bonbonbox 14 cm Christian Joachim 1915
item no: 
176283 Royal Copenhagen figurine
1188 RC Weeping Faun GH 6.25" / 16 cm 1910
item no: 
127861 Aluminia Figurine
1343-1315 Aluminia Bachus (1906-1926) Faun TRB
item no: 
55419 Royal Copenhagen figurine 1712 Faun with snake
item no: 
55717 Royal Copenhagen figurine 1713 RC Faun with frog
item no: 
55703 Royal Copenhagen figurine 1736 RC Faun with pan flute
item no: 
64679 Royal Copenhagen figurine 1738 RC Faun on a tree stump 9 cm Th. Madsen 1915 (1938)
item no: 
55421 Royal Copenhagen figurine 1804 RC Faun pulling bear's ear Knud Kyhn
item no: 
55719 Royal Copenhagen figurine 2107 RC Faun with owl CT (1953) 16 x 9 cm
item no: 
74431 Royal Copenhagen figurine 2113 RC Faun with Crow Chr Thomsen
item no: 
106271 Royal Copenhagen figurine
2298 Faun with small girl V. Waldorff 1923 8 x 6 cm
item no: 
213554 Royal Copenhagen figurine 2318 RC Faun and bear wrestling KK 1923 18 x 14 cm
item no: 
55723 Royal Copenhagen figurine 2361 RC Faun with grapes VW
item no: 
210205 Extremely Rare Royal Copenhagen 2496 RC Faun with 2 monkeys KK 1924 18 x 21
item no: 
197881 Royal Copenhagen figurine 2852 RC Faun and lion cub Knud Kyhn 1927 14 x 18 cm Faun figurines
item no: 
55380 Royal Copenhagen figurine 1036 RC Faun with cat Knud Kyhn 1909 13 x 17 cm
item no: 
77221 Royal Copenhagen 1880 RC Faun on tortoise KK
item no: 
138624 SOLD Royal Copenhagen figurine
1922 RC Faun & Squirrel clock case Chr. Thomsen 1918 25 x 11 cm
item no: 
138625 SOLD Royal Copenhagen figurine 2171 RC Faun kneeling with grapes Storch 1921 16 x 11 cm Signed OJ
item no: 
106941 Royal Copenhagen figurine
2868 RC Faun with brown bear KK 1927 9 x 11 cm
item no: 
173789 Royal Copenhagen figurine Troll Figurines by Svend Vestergaard
item no: 
82456 Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery 20230 RC Faun Child, large June 1930 Knud Kyhn
item no: 
73312 Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery 20501 RC Faun with grapes Knud Kyhn, March 1942 35 cm
item no: 
166608 Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery
21233 RC Bear with faun April 1954 Knud Kyhn 42 x 39 cm
item no: 
230489 Pan - Dancing Faun in Bronze by Professor Peters on round wooden stand 21 cm
item no: 
122140 Huge Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery
Woman and faun 71 cm by Knud Kyhn 1931