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Dahl Jensen figurine 1198 Faun with Ducklings (Bregno) 24.5 cm

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Description: Two versions High and low stand
Dahl Jensen 1198 Faun with Ducklings (Bregno) 24.5 cm Marked with the Royal Crown and DJ Copenhagen. In nice and mint condition Dahl Jensen Worked first for Bing & Groendahl B&G from 1897 Jens Jacob Bregnø
Some also call the fauns for FAWN, Bacchus, PUK, TROLD, SATYR, Faunus
Jens Jacob Bregnoe (Bregnø) 1877 – 1946 Danish Sculptor
JJB was originally educated carpenter and wood cutter in Aarhus, but in 1998 he was enrolled as sculptor trainee in Stockholm. In 1902 he was hires as decoration sculptor with Hans Lamberg-Petersen in Copenhagen, where he worked until 1905. After that he spent time studying in Italy, France and Germany and came under the influence of Michelangelo and August Rodin. He created many statuettes in bronze and plaster during the 1920s and 1930s and became widely known for his works. He also created fountain and sculptors in bronze and worked for Bing & Grondahl (B&G) Porcelain Manufactory as well as ceramic for Natalie Krebs (Saxbo) and silver works for Kay Bojesen.
Jens Jacob Nielsen Bregnø 1877 - 1946, Søborg
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