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Tableware -B&G Bing & Grondahl
Bing Grøndahl Dinnerware Empire, Koppel, Butterfly and Blue Fluted
Absalon B&G
15 items
Aegir B&G tableware Ægir
Aladdin B&G Cream and platinum
5 items
Alphabeth an clock numbers Childrens Plate B&G Porcelain 1915-1947 Kay Boyesen
Antique B&G All white with gold rim on old form B&G Porcelain 485 Cup with high handle 8 cm & saucer 14.5 cm
Antique B&G Porcelain
Flower Service
APOLLO: B&G Dinnerware
Apollon B&G porcelain 005 601
Tea pot is sold
Art Nouveau B&G Porcelain B&G 493 Miniature Art Nouveau Cup 4.7 x.4.7 cm Dragonfly and saucer 11.5 cm
AZUR: B&G Azur Stoneware Nissen Green
B&G Blue tone - seashell tableware Hotel SPARE PARTS
B&G porcelain Saxon Flower Cream
B&G Porcelain 323 Cereal bowl 5 x 15 cm Girl skiing in winter with Christmas hat
B&G Porcelain 696 RC Egg cup 6 cm (056)
B&G Porcelain Antique Pitcher 27 cm
B&G Porcelain B&G Danish Motives: 32 Danish Motives on blue base, form 612 SEE PRices under individual items
B&G porcelain White Koppel or Magnussen ? salt and pepper
Babies Breath porcelain B&G : White base, Babies Breath, gold rim, form 676
Balder B&G See our Current Stock LIST
Ballerina B&G
26 items
Bernadotte B&G White form 674
4 items
Bernadotte White porcelain form 674 026 Plate 21.5 cm (326)
Blue Anemone B&G Tableware
11 items
bLUE B&G Porcelain 106 "High" 6.1 cm espresso cup (461) and 108 b saucer 12 cm
Blue Edith Sonne B&G Porcelain Dark Blue tea cup & saucer 473 Deep Blue
Blue Fluted Heavy Hotel B&G - Royal Copenhagen
39 items
Blue Fluted Ribbed B&G Dinnerware
11 items
Blue Henning Koppel B&G
14 items
Blue Tone, Seashell, Smooth & Hotel
54 items
Blue traditional Blue FLuted B&G
38 items
Bowls Set of 3 B&G Porcelain 597 Multifunctional cups / bowl with spouts
Butterfly B&G
27 items
C4 Christian the fourth pattern on B&G Offenbach Porcelain 104 Large tea cup 9 x 10 cm & saucer 16 cm (#476)
Cactus B&G dinnerware - see list
Carl Larsson B&G Porcelain Artist 616 plate 17 cm SE LIST
Carl Larsson B&G Porcelain Artist Coffee cups 305 Carl Larsson
Casablanca B&G
4 items
Castles of Denmark B&G Danish
Christmas B&G Porcelain 486-3604 B&G with trombone on cup with high handle Pixie 9 cm & saucer 15.5 cm
Christmas Rose B&G
60 items
Chrysantemum B&G
19 items
Coffee cups
64 items
Columbia B&G Stoneware
21 items
Comet B&G Koppel
10 items
Composers Famous B&G
Convalla Bing & Grondahl
28 items
Coppelia & Camelia B&G Stoneware
28 items
Cordial Grey Stoneware Quistgaard B&G
19 items
Corinth B&G Korinth
14 items
Cumulus B&G Bing & Grondahl
15 items
Daffodil B&G Porcelain 305-3727 Cup 7 x7.5 cm and saucer 13.5 cm Daffodil
Daffodil B&G Porcelain 616 Cake plate 17.5 cm (028)
Danmark B&G Porcelain Denmark Cream base, Danish motives in brown, form 612
Delphi Blue B&G Tableware
2 items
Demeter Blå Corn flower B&G
35 items
Demeter, White B&G Cornflower on White porcelain SEE our current stock
Denmark Service B&G
17 items
Dickens B&G Butterfly with half lace
7 items
Edelwies B&G Porcelain B&G Edelweis Bowl 5 x 17 cm

Edith Sonne Blue and Brown Bing & Grondahl
11 items
EGG: B&G Porcelain 696 RC Egg cup 6 cm
Elegance, White & Creame B&G
37 items
Elsa Bing & Groendahl Else
9 items
Empire B&G
69 items
Engelhart 8 set of B&G Porcelain
White Cups and sacuers by the Danish Designer Knud V. Engelhardt
Eranthis B&G Dinnerware Winter aconite
47 items
Eremitage B&G Woodland Hawthorn
18 items
Falling Leaves B&G
41 items
Field flower B&G Dinnerware
Fish dinnerware Royal Copenhagen B&G
18 items
Fish Plates B&G Offenbach Porcelain 026 Plate 21.5 cm (326) Fish plates SEE LIST 3 pcs in stock
Fleur, Rosa & Blue B&G
14 items
Form 643 white smooth B&G Porcelain Cup & saucer 102 and sideplate 028 a
Freja B&G tableware Tea 238 Large tea pot 17 x 26 cm 1.4 l. (656)
Freja B&G tableware Tea Cups and saucers
Frigga B&G dinnerware for sale - our current stock
Gefion B&G Tableware China
Geisha B&G 28 a Cake plates
Golden Sun B&G Bernadotte
24 items
Greenland motives Bing & Groendahl
6 items
Gulnare Bing & Grondahl Tableware
24 items
H. C. Andersen stories B&G Porcelain
Motif service
Haga B&G Saucers for Coffee cup 102
Haga or Aarestrup B&G Porcelain 057 Egg cup 6 cm
Haga? B&G Porcelain 025 Dinner plate 24.5 cm broad polished gold rim, form 601
Haga? B&G Porcelain 102 Cup and saucer 1.25 dl
White base, gold rim, form 643-601
Hamlet porcelain B&G: White base, purple flower, gold saw tooth rim, form 257
HANK BLUE Bing & Groendahl White Dinnerware, Magnussen 414 Coffee pot - Tea Pot 15 x 20 cm
HANK, BLUE Bing & Groendahl White Dinnerware, Magnussen 712 Luncheon Plate 22.7 cm
HANK: B&G White Modern dinnerware
28 items
Hartmann, white porcelain double gold line B&G
48 items
Hazelnut (Elsinore) B&G
19 items
Heimdal Jasmine B&G tableware
15 items
Hermod B&G
Heron B&G Porcelain the Heron Service by Pietro Krohn (1849-1905)
Hostrup B&G
12 items
Hotel B&G Blue Traditional porcelain hotel 1022 Coffee cup 6.3 cm & saucer 14 cm (744)
Jette Froelich Christmas set B&G Porcelain 306 Cake plate 16 cm Scating Children with christmas hat
Jubilee B&G dinnerware
30 items
Kay Bojesen B&G porcelain 461 B&G Cup 5,5 cm 106 with 108 a saucer 11 cm
Kay Bojesen B&G porcelain 091 b B&G Coffee pot with wooden handle 17.5 x 20 cm
Kay Bojesen B&G Porcelain
Tete-a-Tete set pot, tray, 9 cups and creamer flødekande
Kipling B&G Butterfly with gold
19 items
Koppel, White B&G Henning
35 items
Kronberg B&G porcelain
13 items
Leda B&G porcelain: White base, gold rim, form 676 
Luna B&G White with gold rim
17 items
Macbeth ? B&G Porcelain 055 a Oval salt cellar, (small) 6,5 cm
Magnussen & Bonfils B&G Kitchen Series
31 items
Marakesh B&G White base, coloured Squares B&G Porcelain 303 Creamer 6.5 cm (189)
Margrethe Princess B&G Porcelain 012 Butter pitcher 5 x 16 cm (561)
B&G Porcelain
3 x cups and saucer 102
Marstrand B&G
13 items
Marstrand B&G Bing and Grondahl 052 Salt & Pepper
Menuet B&G Dinnerware
24 items
Mexico B&G Stoneware
18 items
Milky Way B&G porcelain Galaxy
Mimer B&G porcelain : White base, Edelweiss, gold rim, form 356
Njal B&G porcelain Springflower dinnerware
Norden Porcelain B&G Porcelain Moccha set Coffee pot creamer, sugar and 5 cups
Norden: B&G Porcelain Porcelainfabrikken Norden København
Noway -Pattern B&G
6 items
OAK B&G Hotel Tableware "EGEN"
8 items
Offenbach B&G
35 items
Offenbach, White form 257 B&G porcelain
See list
Offenbach, White form 257 B&G Porcelain 103 Tea cup 8 x 8.5 cm & saucer 15 cm (#475)
Olympia B&G porcelain White base, pattern of green lines, on form 43 same as Delphi
Olypia B&G Porcelain 311 Gravy pitcher 3.5 dl (008)
Ophelia B&G Porcelain White base, green flower with gold leave, gold rim, form 356
Opus B&G porcelain China with and without gold
Opus B&G Porcelain White Ballerina with gold 304 Cake dish 24 cm (101)
Orchid B&G Lady's Slipper: White base, Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium), form 601
Orchid Blue & Gray B&G Tableware
2 items
Palet B&G Art Pottery tableware Cordial Black - Palet 306 Bread and butter plate 17 cm / 6.75"
Palet Purple B&G Art Pottery tableware Cordial Lila 306 Bread and butter plate 17 cm / 6.75"
Palet, Colored Cordial Quistgaard
27 items
PALET: B&G Art Pottery tableware Cordial Pink
Palet WE BUY
Paris B&G Porcelain 303 Creamer 8 cm
Paris Bing & Grondahl
4 items
Peru B&G Stoneware
32 items
Polka Dot B&G Porcelain B&G 570.2 Cup with yellow polka dots ca 7.5 x 9.5 cm

Prik B&G - Dot! Cream base, punctured lines, wide blue border, form 635
Princess Margrethe B&G Apple Flower
14 items
Prism - Anne Grethe Halling Koch
7 items
Relief Nissen Kronjyden B&G Quistgaard IHQ
31 items
Rio B&G : White base, lingonberry and pansies (like Ymer and Aegir), gold rim, form 601 
Roselil B&G
20 items
Rossini B&G dinnerware SOLD
Rune: Quistgaard B&G Kronjyden Nissen
22 items
Sadolin? White B&G porcelain form 676
Sahara B&G
9 items
Saxon Flower B&G
52 items
Scotch Rose B&G
31 items
Seagull B&G - (without gold rim!)
57 items
Seagull with gold B&G
73 items
Spare Parts - Extra lids and other
39 items
Spring Flower B&G Porcelain 696 RC Egg cup 6 cm
STACK: B&G Porcelain
1966 Erik Magnussen Design "Stack" Service Form 679
Strauss B&G Porcelain
Light Green double gold rim on white porcelain form 601-469
Tea pot B&G Porcelain 653 Blue Teapot - yellow Polka dots Tea for one
Tea pots B&G
96 items
Teapot B&G Porcelain
B&G 653 White Tea Pot with brown decoration 20 x 8 cm
Teapot B&G Porcelain
B&G 653 White Tea Pot with brown letters decoration 20 x 8 cm
TEMA Bing & Grondahl Stoneware
26 items
Thor B&G Porcelain - anemone
Thorvaldsen B&G Bisquit & green
6 items
Thycho Brahe B&G tableware china
Tivoli Bing & Grondahl
21 items
Troja B&G Troya
18 items
Umbra Kronjyden Art Pottery tableware "Umbra" brown version of azur
Unknown Flower B&G Tableware
Unknown Name? Art Nouveau B&G Porcelain
Unknown name? B&G Porcelain 094 Cereal bowl with rim 5 x 14.3 cm
Unkown Bing and Grondahl Hotel Quality Pattern - Gold and laces like Kronberg and Kipling B&G Porcelain
Vega B&G Sigvard Bernadotte
15 items
Venice B&G porcelain Venedig: White base, curved, wide gold rim and goldlines. form 257
VENUS: B&G Venus dinnerware Form
Verdi B&G - Tableware
5 items
Victor Hugo - Wild Rose B&G
24 items
Volmer B&G Tableware SEE LIST
Wagner B&G Porcelain White base, rust red border, à la grecque gold rim, form 469 and form 601
White B&G Porcelain 574 Cereal Bowl 7 x 13 cm
White B&G Porcelain White form 601 225 Sugar castor 14 cm
White B&G Porcelain
Bowl with lid - Modern B&G design 663 Please let me know if you can tell the name of the design artist
White B&G Porcelain
Marmelade Jar Modern Design Off white 15.5 cm
White Corinth B&G Porcelain 531 Salt 8 cm
White form 601 B&G Porcelain 247 Bouillon cup with lid 3 dl (481)
White Porcelain / B&G Stoneware 323 Soup plate / Cerial Bowl 4 x 17.5 cm
White undecorated B&G Porcelain 696 RC Egg cup 6 cm
Wiberg B&G Christmas Pattern
18 items
X Out of stock B&G Tableware
416 items
Aakjaer Bing & Grondahl Dinnerware
1 items
Aarestrup B&G
8 items