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Stoneware - B&G Kronjyden Nissen
Quistgaard Design, Vasegaard Stoneware B&G Nissen Kronjyden
Azur Nissen Kronjyden B&G Quistgaard Stoneware 305 Coffee cup 6.2 x 8.8 cm
Azur Quistgaard Kronjyden Nissen
12 items
Blue Mist? Niels Refsgaard Danish Design Stoneware -: Blue Large mug 11.3 cm
Caf B&G Black & White Form 850
10 items
Camelia B&G White Stoneware tableware 305 Coffee cup 1.5 dl and saucer 7.5 cm
Camelia Blue ?B&G Art Pottery tableware Form 46 White base with blue line
Columbia B&G Stoneware
21 items
Congo Kronjyden Randers
8 items
Coppelia & Camelia B&G Stoneware
28 items
Cordial Grey Stoneware Quistgaard B&G
19 items
Dansk Designs LTD Azur Glass vase 6x 6 cm IHQ France
Edith Sonne Blue and Brown Bing & Grondahl
11 items
Flamestome - IHQ Quistgaard Danish Designs
7 items
Generation ? Niels Refsgaard Dansk Design: Danish Design Mug 7.7 cm
Generation Brown Danish Design Stoneware - Niels Refsgaard: Dansk Design Cereal Bowls
Green B&G Art Pottery tableware
755 Marmelade jar with handle 1909 14.5 x 10 cm Quistgaard relief green
Green bowl with decoration in relief 19 x 16 cm IHQ Quistgaard
Kronjyden Randers, Spice jars and kitchen boxes
13 items
Mexico B&G Stoneware
18 items
Palet Black Form 38 B&G Art Pottery tableware Coffee cups and side plates
Palet Pink form 38 B&G Porcelain Palette Smooth
Palet, Colored Cordial Quistgaard
27 items
Peru B&G Stoneware
32 items
Relief Nissen Kronjyden B&G Quistgaard IHQ
31 items
Rhondo B&G Porcelain 511 Lidded sauce bowl 13 x 17 cm
Rune: Quistgaard B&G Kronjyden Nissen
22 items
Siesta B&G Stoneware Form 38
22 items
Spare Parts Nissen Kronjyden B&G Quistgaard Stoneware
TEMA Bing & Grondahl Stoneware
26 items
Trend B&G Stoneware
13 items
Umbra Brown Azur Quistgaard
9 items
UNKNOWN ? B&G Art Pottery tableware 511 Lidded sauce bowl 13 x 17 cm Form6 4
Unknown B&G Art Pottery tableware tea set
White Porcelain / B&G Stoneware 323 Soup plate / Cerial Bowl 4 x 17.5 cm
X Sold Stoneware
74 items