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Polar Desiree Sugar bowl 5 x 10.3 cm, Bordeaux
Polar Desiree Bordeaux 039 Salad bowl 8.5 x 17.5 cm bordeaux
Polar Desiree Soup plates 19.5 cm
Royal Copenhagen 0366-1233 RC Two bear cubs playing (ER) 22 cm 1233 brown version 1901
Polar bear and fish bowl - old faience 11 x 15 cm
Polar Desiree Egg cup ca 4 x 5 cm, Blue
Royal Copenhagen 0345 RC Polar bear 14 x 16 cm Hermissen? 1901
Royal Copenhagen The North Pole tray with one bear 32 x 20 cm Carl Johan Bonnesen 1921. Crystal Iceglaze by Soeren Berg 2-10-1926
Polar, Desiree Gravy boat, round on fixed stand 8 x 17 cm, yellow
Aluminia Copenhagen Porcelain trays by 128-280 Aluminia Porcelain Bowl with polar bear on edge 12 cm Knud Kyhn 1931
Michael Andersen & Son, Bornholm 4055 A AF Polar bear tray 10 x 15.5 cm
Polar Dark Blue Desiree Danish Porcelain Deeb Blue Sugar bowl 5 x 10.3 cm, Dark Blue
Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery 22746 RC Polar bear cub sitting with paw to paw on round base (# 1049246) 10 cm, Jeanne Grut, May 1982 (0346)
Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery 22747 RC Polar bear on back -paws on paws on round base 10 cm (1 049 247) after Knud Kyhn (# 1003247) by Jeanne Grut (0347)
Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery 0232 RC (1003232) White Polar bear on the side on round base 7 x 10 cm KK (21432 ) (0332)
B&G Porcelain B&G 1996 Polar bear cup 8.5 x 10 cm Figurine of the year Limited edition 0854 of 5000
White Bear Schaubach Kunst 17 cm 1435
Polar yellow Desiree Coffee cup 6 cm & saucer 13 cm, yellow
Soren Kongstrand Polar bear on Rock 27 cm
Polar Desiree Mugs 9.5 cm 2 White in stock
Greenland B&G Porcelain
Kalaallit Nunaanni pingortitaq - Greenlandic Scenery Collection 023-323 Small Soup Rim plate
Royal Copenhagen Polar Bear Tray Arnold Krogh 1902
Royal Copenhagen figurine
0352 RC Polar Bears Playing 20 cm Allan Therkelsen (1249352)
Polar dark green Desiree dinnerware plates and soup plates
Royal Copenhagen figurine 0345-1233 RC Brown bear 16 x 16 cm Hermissen? 1901
Royal Copenhagen figurine 3134 RC Bear fighting snake KK
Polar Dark Blue Desiree Danish Porcelain Deeb Blue
Michael Andersen & Søn Bornholm Brown Bear 13 x 22 cm
Polar Bear on Rock 28 cm Danish Art Pottery Soren Kongstrand
Ipsen Danish Art Pottery 1843-1955 787 Polar bear Lauritz Jensen Black Glazed August 1904 17 x 24 cm
Soren Kongstrand, Esbjerg Huge Polar Bear group on the rocks
Royal Copenhagen figurine 1249351 RC Polar Bear Standing 26 cm 0351 Allan Therkelsen
Greenland B&G Porcelain
Kalaallit Nunaanni pingortitaq - Greenlandic Scenery Collection 026-326 Lunchon plates
B&G Figurine
B&G 2239 Polar bear with cub 14 x 26 cm
Oil painting on canvas Signed in Monogram. Polar bear in Polar landscape
Danish art pottery Søren Kongstrand Polar bear on trey Gray glazed Lustre 21 x 26 cm
USSR Polar bear
Aluminia Copenhagen Porcelain trays by Knud Kyhn 1931
Georg Jensen Christmas Collectible Ornaments Classics Pendant with chain
B&G Porcelain Mother's Day Plate
Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery
20215 RC Polar bear, Laying 16 x 28 cm, Knud Kyhn, January 1930
B&G Porcelain Greenland mini plates Inuit Motives from Greenland
Greenland Christmas plates 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982 og 1983; Knud Rasmussen
Royal Copenhagen figurine
0057 RC Racoon looking up 11 cm Allan Therkelsen
Rare Celadon Glazed Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery 21519 RC Standing white bear 13.5 x 22 cm, KK 237
Meissen Porcelain, Germany Polar bear on base 11 x 12 cm Weiss
Meissen Polar Bear 11 x 23 cm
Royal Copenhagen figurine
1107 RC Polar bear Wrestling 1907 Knud Kyhn 14 cm
Rare brown version 1452
Porsgrund Polar Bear PP Norway 18.5 x 25 cm
Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery
235 RC (1003 235)  White bear cub sitting  Knud Kyhn 21435
Royal Copenhagen figurine
3015 RC Bear sqatting (KK) 9 x 8.5 cm 1928
Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery
Knud Kyhn 238 RC (1003 238) Large white bear laying 21 x 16 cm, Knud Kyhn, November 1957
Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery
233 (1003 233) White bear cub paw up Knud Kyhn 21433
Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery
235 (1003 235) White bear cub sitting Knud Kyhn 21435
Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery 21526 RC Polar bear with cubs 43 cm Knud Kyhn December 1957
Royal Copenhagen figurine Racoons by Allan Therkelsen
Lyngby Porcelain
Old Lyngby Porcelain Polar Bear 11 x 19 cm
Royal Copenhagen figurine
321 RC Polar bear feeding (CJB 1900) 9 x 14 cm
Flora Danica Danish Porcelain Fauna Danica
239-3549 Polar Fox Dinner plate 25.5 cm Canis Lagopus "Arctic Fox" Game Plates
Rare B&G Miniature Figurine
B&G 1872 Polar bear cub 6 cms
Georg Jensen Gilt Candleholders Golden Christmas
KPM Royal Berlin Porcelain Polar bear 15 x 25 cm
Royal Copenhagen figurine 0662 RC Eating Panda 18 cm Allan Therkelsen 18 cm
B&G 2536 Polar bear cub sitting up MA 10.5 cm
2204 Polar bear 31 cm
Royal Copenhagen figurine 825 Polar bear looking up KK 29 x 23 cm
Royal Copenhagen figurine 0502 RC Roaring Polar bear Liisberg 32 cm
B&G 1954 Polar bear NN 43 cm (442)
Dahl Jensen figurine 1157 Polar Bear (DJ) 37.5 cm
Royal Copenhagen figurine 1108 RC Polar bear and seal KK ca 23 x 37 cm
Royal Copenhagen figurine crystaline Polar bear tray
B&G 1692 Polar bear sniffing NN 19 cm (RC 417)
Royal Copenhagen figurine 0351 - 1233 RC Bear chewing toe, Erik Nielsen 1901 16 cm, brown
Royal Copenhagen figurine 3014 RC Bear cub eating KK 1928 9 cm

Dahl Jensen figurine 1156 Polar bear (medium) (DJ) 32.5 cm
Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery 233 (1003 233) White bear cub paw up Knud Kyhn
Royal Copenhagen figurine 4780 RC Polar bear with cubs Jeanne Grut 5 x 6 cm

90 Lyngby Two Polar bear cubs playing 11 x 12 cm
87 Polar Bear 10.5 cm Lyngby Porcelain
88 Laying polar bear cub Lyngby porcelain 8 x 11 cm.
98 Lyngby Porcelain Polar Bear with cubs 18.5 cm
Royal Copenhagen 535 Polar bear cub standing MA 8.5 x 17 cm B&G 2535
B&G 1629 Sitting Polar Bear 12 x 20 cm (RC 409)
Bing and Grondahl polar bears 2217 and 2218
Dahl Jensen figurine 1138 Polar Bear (DJ) 12.2 cm
B&G 1857 Polar Bear Knud Kyhn 21.5 x 37 cm (RC 433)
Royal Copenhagen Art Pottery RC 22245 White polar bear 0245 Design Jeanne Grut after KK
Royal Copenhagen figurine 2842-1223 RC Bear with paw raised Knud Kyhn 1928 9 x 9 cm
Royal Copenhagen 537 figurine B&G 2537 Polar bear cub feet up MA 10.5 cm Merete Agergaard
Royal Copenhagen figurine 1107 RC Polar bear Wrestling KK 14 cm
Royal Copenhagen figurine 2317 RC Polar bears KK 16 x 14 cm
Royal Copenhagen figurine 0729 RC Small Polar bear cub 6 cm
Royal Copenhagen figurine 1124 RC Bear Knud Kyhn 6 x 8 cm
Dahl Jensen 1310 Polar bear (Walking) 23.5 cm
Royal Copenhagen figurine 2841 RC Walking bear
Royal Copenhagen figurine 1137 RC Polar bear standing KK 17 x 27 cm
Dahl Jensen 1126 Polar Bear (CJB)
Royal Copenhagen 0538 Polar bear cub lying on back 9 cm B&G 2538
Dahl Jensen 1339 Polar bear cubs playing
Royal Copenhagen 0-1124 RC Polar Bear Knud Kyhn 6 x 8 cm
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